Sometimes when you have been in your business for a while, it is easy to recognize the norm as the right way of doing things.  A fresh approach or investigation into your daily operations or perhaps handling your next project or product development may ensure a complementary success to your already established management team.

A fresh look in itself may be a nice change, but to possess the asset of The Wild Goose Marketing's formal management training and knowledge base backed by sound training in theory and practical experience can mean the difference from a profit or loss.  The experience heritage of The Wild Goose Marketing's Management capabilities spans from special events to personnel to $20 million product lines to product developments spanning the globe.

Do you realize the impact your employees actions are having on your business? 
Have you identified opportunities to streamline your processes and save you costs of doing business?
Are your employees trained in the very best methods?  Do they have an online source to continually reference?
Is there something in your business operations that you just wish you could do better?

If you answered yes to any of the above or asked similar questions, please contact us.

Advertising Management

The Wild Goose Marketing is the source to utilize to help you plan, create and manage your advertising efforts.   Any medium (television, newspaper, blog, social media) is going to tell you to advertise with them - that's how they make their living!  Advertising should be approached on an as needed basis. Each medium or option plays a role, sometimes this is a singular role or an integrated role with other mediums.  As with all initiatives, The Wild Goose Marketing will evaluate what you are trying to accomplish and plan your advertising strategy accordingly.  In just one of the latest instances, Dr. Huseman was able to reduce a firm's advertising expenses by 15% while sales continued to increase 5% each year over a three year period.

Are you advertising in a certain medium just because your competition is?
Do you know what return your advertising expenses are generating?
Have you conducting research to see what impact your advertising is having - on sales, brand identity, messaging?

These are questions we can help you address and offer a new way to evaluate advertising opportunities.

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